Not a few people think that hackers are negative. In fact, it leads to crime. In fact, if you want to find out more, it turns out that hackers are also good, you know. Hackers task with analyzing the security system. Plus, identify security holes in a software so that deficiencies can be correct. That’s why the ethical hacker profession is so much need. Not only within indonesia, but also internationally. In fact, there are 3.5 million job vacancies around cybersecurity that are ready to be fill in 2021. So many people need security services from hackers, this profession is said to have an almost zero percent unemployment rate. Alias, impossible idle boss! So, starting to wonder how to be a hacker right? Cuss, continue reading this article. Contents hide 1 what is a hacker? 2 10+ ways to become a beginner to pro hacker 2.1 1. Learn linux 2.2 2. Learning c language 2.3 3. Mastering other programming languages 2.4 4. Learn how to become an anonymous hacker 2.5 5. Understanding network concepts 2.6 6. Start explore deep and dark web 2.7 7. Mastering cryptography 2.8 8. Keep updating with hacking issues 2.9 9. Explore vulnerabilities on the platform 2.10 10. Increase flying hours 2.11 11.

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Participate in discussions and communities 3 ready to learn how to become a hacker? What are hackers? Hacker is someone who has the ability to find security holes in a computer or network. With this ability, it can block access to systems, collect sensitive information, and even gain access to computers. The term hacker itself is closer to a negative connotation. Maybe because we often find various news about hacks that harm many people. Starting from e-commerce data breaches, government website defacements, sensitive data leaks that are sold freely. Hacking cases in indonesia however, as already Greece B2B List explained, hackers are not always bad either. If you want to explore more deeply, hackers actually have many streams. Types of hackers black hat: hackers who have bad intentions, take advantage of system weaknesses for personal gain or to make money. White hat.

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Also known as ethical hackers, looking for weaknesses in the security system to fix them so that they are not abused by other parties. Gray hat: a type of hacker that lies between black hat and white hat, this hacker can offer system improvements to businesses or institutions in exchange for money. Green hat: beginner hackers who are learning hacking and sundries blue hat: a type of hacker who bases his actions on the basis of revenge, whether it’s to target institutions, governments, political parties, or individuals. Red hat: hackers who perform their actions to avoid or even reply to black hat hacker attacks. Even though there are many types of hackers, make sure you learn to be a white hat hacker. Besides being Mobile Lead safe, being an ethical hacker has unlimited career opportunities! 10+ ways to become a beginner to pro hacker it doesn’t take long. For those of you who are already curious, here’s how to learn to be a hacker. 1. Learn linux if you really want to learn how to be a hacker, then learning linux is a step not to be missed. Because this one operating system has a myriad of tools for hacking. Because of the availability of these tools, hacking on linux is easier than on windows.


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