Illustration of working in front of a laptop there are various skill development programs offered. It can be in the form of online courses, workshops, or facilities in the form of books . Well, if you get this facility, you must make good use of it. Because skill development is not only beneficial for the company, but also for your career as a worker. 7. Overtime pay at certain moments, there are times when workers have to work overtime to finish work. In this case, the company should provide overtime pay, because the employees work outside office hours. So, if the company where you work provides overtime pay, you should know the calculation of the wages. The problem is that each company has a different policy regarding overtime pay. Some pay a fixed hourly wage, and some also consider a percentage of salary. 8. Transportation allowance for jobs that are mobile , companies usually provide work facilities in the form of transportation allowances. One profession that is familiar with this facility is sales.

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Because, they need to drive from one location to another to meet clients or potential customers. Transportation allowances are usually in the form of gas money. But not infrequently there are also companies that provide “service vehicles” for employees who have high mobility. 9. Meal allowance this is one of the facilities most expect by workers. Understandably, because this one facility is relat to basic needs, namely eating , the form of the food allowance itself varies. For example, there Germany B2B List are companies that prepare lunch catering for their employees, and there are also those that directly provide the raw money. Office catering illustration well, this facility is not only useful for workers, you know. Business people can also feel the benefits. Because, no more workers who are late because of leaving the office to find food. In addition, workers can feel more comfortable. 10. Health facilities medical facility?

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How is it different from health insurance? It’s different. If the function of health insurance is to cure workers who are sick, health facilities are use to prevent employees from getting sick . For example by providing a clinic or holding regular medical check-ups . This is a good investment for the company in the long term. Because, by ensuring workers stay healthy, of course business productivity will remain stable. 11. Old age guarantee one of the concerns that often arise in the minds of workers is the certainty of the future. What if after they retire there is no more income? That is why companies usually provide facilities in the form of old age security (jht) and pension benefits (jp) to employees. The two programs themselves are organiz by bpjs ketenagakerjaan. At first glance, both of them sound the same, even Mobile Lead though the disbursement method is different. Jht is cash that is paid once the three workers have reached retirement age. Meanwhile, jp is cash paid every month after the worker retires. Which facilities do you most expect at work? Okay, after seeing the list above, which work facility do you think is the most interesting? You can consider all of the above facilities when looking for work.


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